Health Education Events

Our non-profit hosts annual "Hee Haw for Health" events for children with PANDAS/PANS, Autism, autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses, and their families at the Oklahoma Donkey Dairy.

The event provides health education in a variety of modalities from the top health professionals across the state and beyond. From integrative medicine doctors to chiropractors to biological dentists and everything in between, parents learn about scientific-based approaches that may help their child. Many children experience less symptoms or remission and a better quality of life when working with an experienced integrative, functional or alternative medicine practitioner.

Wellness professionals provide free consultations on-site, saving families hundreds of dollars and countless hours and research.

Families gain a community going through similar circumstances. Solidarity provides encouragement and hope! Attendees get to experience a bit of farm life with access to the animals (including the donkeys), games, activities and even a visit with Santa Claus. It's an empowering, fun day for all involved!

We've had over 800 attendees. We'd like to continue growing the event this year to help even more families. We can with your help!

Access to the videos of presentations below from the 2021 Hee Haw for Health event is FREE. If you find this information valuable, please consider making a donation of $50 or more to help ensure we can host future health events for families in need.
Below are a few of the Health Practitioners presentations from the 2021 event.
Please note: some of the practitioners at the Health Event shared sensitive information and opted NOT to share their presentations online. This is the case every year. Online access is limited. Please join us in person next year!
Dr. Shimasaki is co-founder and CEO of Moleculera Labs, a neuroimmunology precision medicine company focused on diagnosing neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders triggered by an autoimmune response. The company’s testing panel is based on over 20 years of work from Dr. Madeleine Cunningham’s laboratory at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Dr. Shimasaki has been in the biotechnology industry for over 35 years, starting his career at Genentech. As a scientist, businessperson, and serial entrepreneur his work spans all stages of research and development from bench to bedside. His R&D work included epitope mapping for an HIV vaccine, SNP-based genetic breast cancer risk prediction biomarkers, a rapid influenza diagnostic, and therapeutic and biologic products for infectious diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders and noise induced hearing loss. He co-founded several companies and led multiple products through the FDA approval process and is a co-inventor on several patents. Dr. Shimasaki received his BS in Biochemistry from University of California at Davis, his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Tulsa, and his MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business. He is an Adjunct Professor and Senior Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Oklahoma, Price School of Business and teaches biotechnology entrepreneurship. His passion is to help translate scientific and medical discoveries into acutely needed products so that more patients can live healthier lives.
CRAIG SHIMASAKI, Ph D, MBA, Moleculera Labs Co-Founder, President and CEO Phone: (405) 239-5250 WEBSITE: ADDRESS: 755 Research Parkway, Suite 410, Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Dr. Ross Solis is a Chiropractic Neurologist. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic at Parker University and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. He has earned a bachelor's degree in kinesiology with physical therapy emphasis and a bachelor's degree in health and wellness. Dr. Ross has had training in Applied Kinesiology, myofascial release techniques, stress reduction techniques, mindfulness, clinical neuroscience and functional medicine. Dr. Ross is passionate about informing his patients of the most contemporary concepts regarding health and life. He continuously studies multiple fields of science and healthcare in order to identify the most suitable solutions for his patient’s concerns. He enjoys studying how to optimize human function through chemical, physical, mental, and spiritual means. He has also been practicing and studying meditative techniques for approximately 10 years which has significantly benefited his and his patients’ lives. His vast understanding of the body's neuromuscular system allows him to create both clinical and at home therapies that enhance an individual’s ability to adapt to life's demands. He has successful experience working with a myriad of conditions including sports injuries from all levels of competition, post traumatic stress, developmental disorders, scoliosis, headaches, neuropathy, balance problems, dizziness/vertigo, repetitive strain injuries, post-concussive syndrome and much more. DR. ROSS SOLIS CONTACT Vibrant Sol Chiropractic 9107 SE 29th St. Suite B Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130 (405) 739-0594
A native of Watonga, Oklahoma, Dr. Karen earned a BS in Dental Hygiene from the Oklahoma College of Dental Hygiene, a Masters in Public Health from the Oklahoma School of Public Health, and her DDS from Oklahoma University School of Dentistry. Dr. Karen has continued her pursuit of education in order to better support patients in building and maintaining a healthier body, mind, and spirit. She has earned her certification as a natural health provider (CNHP) and a ND from the Trinity School of Natural Health, and is SMART-certified in the safe removal of “silver” mercury amalgam fillings. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Oklahoma Dental Association, the American College of Dentists, the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM). She has earned her certification in biological dentistry from the IABDM and as a natural health provider (CNHP) and an ND from the Trinity School of Natural Health. She is also a fellow of the American College of Dentists and International College of Dentists, and is SMART-certified in the safe removal of “silver” mercury amalgam fillings.
Dr. Karen cox-haymaker  701 South Main Street, Hennessey, OK 73742-1704 Phone: (405) 853-4906 Email:
Dr. Steven Lantier. SPECIALTY: Anesthesiology MEDICAL SCHOOLS: Louisiana State University Medical Center RESIDENCIES; Department of Anesthesiology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences FELLOWSHIPS: Advanced Clinical Tract, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology BOARD CERTIFICATIONS: American Board of Anesthesiology
 Dr. Schick is a graduate of the OSU Veterinarian program. Known as Grandoc to his grandchildren and Miracle Vet to the Donkey Dairy, he is most famous for saving Snow White and Belle, and one of the big reasons our donkey dairy is still here…Dr. Schick is V.P. of Hee Haw for Health 501c3 board of directors, and plays an active roll in helping families with children with PANDAS, PANS, Autism, and chronic illness. A skilled carpenter, Dr. Schick took the time to build the benches around the bonfire and at Santa’s workshop for these events. (Per his request, I kept his bio short and sweet. If you’d like to read the rest of the story, search #blessingvet or #miraclevet on the @Dulcededonke Facebook page. ~Saundra Traywick)
Erin’s journey into homeopathy took a rather circuitous route. As a personal trainer and gym owner, she became passionate about helping her clients reach their highest potential. This led her to author the book Mind Over Fatter: The Secret to Thinking Yourself Thin, to begin a speaking and coaching business, and to lead trainings around the country. In 2013, when her son was diagnosed with a difficult illness, and after countless visits to doctors and specialists, Erin learned about the power of homeopathy as it was the first treatment that actually made a difference. It was at that point she began researching and in 2018, after several years of individual study, she joined a course offered by Dr. Angelica Lemke and begin more official training. Erin brings over a decade of experience with autoimmune disease from both the parenting and personal perspective as well as nearly two decades of experience learning alongside chiropractors and naturopaths alike. Her knowledge in the natural medicine field is invaluable and her personal experience allows for an empathic and intuitive approach that is unparalleled. CONTACT:
Vicki Latham, P.A.-C. has 40 years’ experience in both traditional and integrative medicine from 1981 to present, including: Graduated University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, 1992 BS/PA Physician Assistant, Nationally Board Certified, licensed in Oklahoma and Colorado (both current) Internal Medicine Private Practice, Stillwater, OK, 9 years Woman’s Health Private Practice, Stillwater, OB/GYN 5 years Women’s Health Practitioner at Oklahoma State University, 9 years Developed a passion for helping Diabetics, working Adult Medicine, Emergency Department for the U.S. Indian Health Service, Hasting Hospital, Tahlequah, OK, 3 years New Mexico Licensed Midwife; delivering over 500 newborns, Las Cruces Birth Center, Las Cruces, NM, 9 years ToxinClear Health Network, founder, helping people to avoid the detrimental health effects of environmental toxicity, and to optimize their microcirculation, 2006-present Lectures throughout the United States, Canada, and Internationally on many health issues.Vicki lives in Oklahoma City, OK
Vicki Latham P.A.-C.
Dr. Nicole had a spot lined up in physical therapy school. Growing up, she’d always been to the chiropractor. If she was in pain, that’s where she’d go. When it made a drastic difference in her comfort levels, Dr. Nicole knew: chiropractic school was the right choice for her. While attending Parker University, Dr. Nicole learned the truth about chiropractic. “I recognized the intelligence of the body, and how chiropractic was about so much more than getting people out of pain.” She earned a Doctor of Chiropractic, graduating as valedictorian. Though her passion for chiropractic was there, Dr. Nicole had some serious pain that nothing seemed to make a dent in. She tried various techniques within chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, dry needling, acupuncture, functional neurology, biofeedback, neurofeedback-you name it. After a single adjustment through particular chiropractic technique, Dr. Nicole was out of pain and on the road to healing. Because of what she experienced, it became her mission to provide relief through chiropractic care. Dr. Nicole is also trained in the Webster Technique for pregnant women. DR. NICOLE EVANS CONTACT Awaken Chiropractic & Wellness Center 3409 S. Broadway #802 Edmond, OK 73013 Phone: (405) 888-8046
 Kristi Weldon, PT, graduated in 1993 from Langston University with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy. She began the foundation of her collegiate career with a Bachelors Degree in Education in 1988 from Phillips University. In 2003, she was introduced to the Manual Therapy Technique which resulted in pursuing this holistic body approach. Kristi served as the Physical Therapist for the Oklahoma Baptist University Women's Basketball Team from 2007 - 2012. KRISTI WELDON Physical Therapist CONTACT WELDON PHYSICAL THERAPY 10828 WINDMILL FARMS RD MIDWEST CITY OK 73130-4120 (405) 410-8261
Marquelle is a Functional Nutritionist CNS*, MS, NTP, GAPS, CFSP, with a specialty in painful autoimmune issues such as SIBO, crohns, IBS, Irritable bowel Disease, MS, Hashimotos, Diabetes, and more. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a GAPS Certified Practitioner. Her motivation is to help clients learn how to achieve improved quality of life and optimal health and wellness. MARQUELLE BROWN, MS, NTP, GAPS CONTACT WEBSITE:
 Dr. Gessling graduated from Oklahoma Christian University and went on medical school and residency at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She lives in Columbia, Missouri with her family. Dr. Gessling was chief of staff at her hospital in Missouri through the p.n.d.m.i.c. with thousands of patients under her care. She kept her patients healthy by preventative measures and early outpatient treatment. Dr. Gessling worked with world renowned physicians and researchers to author the Physicians Declaration, an International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Students. She has been featured on the W.a.r R.o.o.m with Dr. Ma-lone and Dr. Ry-an Cole, and continues to be a voice of truth and an advocate of early, effective treatments for cv-1-9.