Hee Haw for Health Nov 2, 2019

Hee Haw for Health Event General Info

If you're plannning on coming to the Hee Haw for Health on November 2nd, 2019 this is a summary of what's up that day. If you haven't registered, here is a link to do so. It's free, but we'd like a head count! 
Try to be here early to get parked and avoid a line at the registration table...we could have 150 people...or 400. Hard to say! If you have a child with special needs, make sure you get a "Super Star" sticker for your child and for you. This is like the special pass at Disney Land. If there is a line for the food, or Santa, you get bumped up. Because, these are the perks of being a special needs parent! 

  • Here is a link to the schedule of presentations. I wanted to have them all recorded for parents that miss hearing some, but that may not happen! https://dulcededonke.com/pages/schedule 
  • Here are the practitioners seeing kids that day, parents should schedule spots with them ASAP if they haven't already, some are already booked. Did I mention they are seeing kids FREE that day?Amazing. https://dulcededonke.com/pages/practitioner-consultations 
  • This is a map of the event, there will be kids activities, games, etc. in the "Kids Corner" for all the kids. We have hammocks and swings set up around as well. Whatever you do, DON'T take "Lucy's Loop" if you aren't up for a hike! It's a rough trail, and long. I should have labeled it a Triple Black Diamond trail!!! The rest are ok, but look out for random stumps and branches. We did our best to clean them all up, but we missed a few! https://dulcededonke.com/pages/event-map
  • Saint Nic will be there taking pics with kids and "his donkey" part of the day. Also, free. Also, AMAZING. https://dulcededonke.com/pages/saint-nic-and-his-donkey-pics 
  • This incredible, gluten free, toxin free food truck is coming from Arkansas for the day, Itz Gud Fud(and I love them even more because their name, like ours, is just awesome and hard to spell and uses umlauts and whatnots, so kindred spirits!!!) I'm afraid they might run out of food at some point, because, it's incredible! If you have your super star sticker, you will get priority in line for food. Make sure you wear your super star name tag! Here is the menu for the Food Truck, Itz Gud Fud. Start salivating now. PS. There is an amazing God story behind how we ended up with this food truck, the PERFECT food truck, coming from Arkansas, and donating all the food for the event to benefit our non-profit Hee Haw for Health...but I'll share that later. It's worth it's own, make-you-cry, post.
  • Some people will probably bring picnic lunches too, snacks, etc. We will have a "potluck dessert table", where anyone can bring a snack / dessert to share, but if you bring a dish, please label it with ALL the ingredients. There are a lot of kids coming who are on strict diets, allergies, etc. and need to know ingredients, down to what kind of chocolate chips you used (soy free, etc.)

*Children must remain with their parent or caregiver at all times. Childcare will NOT be provided. This is a working farm, with large animals, water tanks, woods, and a campfire. You are responsible for your child’s safety, please plan accordingly. (If you want to listen to the presentations without distractions, you may want to bring a second set of hands to help with the kids. AKA, Grandma!)

*Please, no dogs. We have mammoth donkeys and dogs that could perceive your dog as a threat and treat it accordingly.

*No Smokin', Puffin', or Vapin'

*No Cussin'

*No Feedin', Chasin', or Yellin' at critters or kids that don't belong to you.

*No jumpin' fences or openin' gates. (Fences are HOT!!! Call it grounding, call it electro-shock therapy, call it what you want, but please remember "no cussin'" if you ignore this rule.)

*Have fun and stay safe!